On Tuesday 17 June 2014 within the presidency of the University, The president of Ibn Tofail University hold a meeting with a Niger delegation composed of:

  • Mr Asmane ABDOU, mister of secondary and higher education, research and technology
  • Madame Mamoudou Kaza MAIMOUNAK, Minister Councillor
  • Monsieur Illya AHMADO, Scientific Research Director
  • Monsieur Saleh MOUSSA, Scholarships Director

Such meeting, where vice-presidents, institutes chairmen, general secretary, director of the University Center for Analysis, and Technology Transfer Expertise have attended, The Incubator University has the opportunity to present the advancements of Ibn Tofail University in terms of teaching, scientific research and expertise innovation.
During such meeting, both parties have studied different cooperation possibilities, especially the exchange of students and teachers among Ibn Tofail University and University Institutions of Niger, in addition to the exchange of expertise in training, pedagogical innovation and scientific research domains.
A visit was also made by the delegation of Niger to the desalination plant and nitrate reduction by Reverse Osmosis, Nanofiltration and electrodialysis, coupled with photovoltaics and wind energy installed at Al Anwar Town of Sidi Tayebi High School. It has to stop on a concrete example of R&D led by Ibn Tofail University responding to an urgent need for renewable energy and protection of environment.

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