Since the implementation of the higher education reform, Ibn Tofaïl university aims at institutionalizing and at perpetuating relations with its partners via developing a long term project, which includes all its human potentialities and material resources. Moreover,  a reception centre was   establihed to promote the collaboration between the University and its partners: University / Enterprise interface.


 Missions of the University / Enterprise Interface

  • Linking  between the University and its environment,
  • Exploring and monitoring socioeconomic sector,
  • Identifying the partners’ needs regarding research and training,
  • Assessment of the results obtained by the university research laboratories,
  • Offering and spreading  service  within the University ,
  • Sensitizing University laureates to set up their business,
  • Promoting continuous training at the University,
  • Organizing meetings between socioeconomic operators and researchers,
  • Organizing conferences, seminars, and workshops.