Advanced Program

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Tracks and Topics


(Room: A)

Audio, image, and video analysis, modeling,processing and transformation Pattern recognition, Computer Vision and medical applications, Data hiding.


(Room: B)

Wireless network algorithms and protocols, Mobile software architectures, systems, applications, and platforms Intelligent network applications Performance evaluation and modeling Network and operating system support for multimedia.


(Room: B)

NLP and applications, text mining, Text classification, Application of NLP technology, Machine translation.



  Wednesday : June 01, 2016
08h00 -09h00  Registration
09h00-09h30 Opening Ceremony
09h30-10h00 Break
10h00-11h00 Keynote 1(Room: A )

S-I (Room: A)

ID 34, ID 82, ID 68, ID 18, ID 43

S-II (Room: B)

ID 72, ID 10, ID 12, ID 16, ID 46

13h00-15h00 Lunch
15h00-16h00 Keynote 2 (Room: A )

Posters Session I (ID 77, ID 26, ID 44, ID 59) / Break


S-III (Room: A)

ID 20, ID 50, ID 05, ID 64, ID 38

S-IV (Room: B)

ID 07, ID 17, ID 28, ID 74, ID 40


  Thursday : June 02, 2016
08h00 -09h00  Registration
09h00-10h00 Keynote 3 (Room: A )
10h00-10h30 Posters Session II (ID 11, ID 15, ID 23, ID 24) / Break

S-V (Room: A)

ID 33, ID 39, ID 45, ID 47, ID 03

S-VI (Room: B)

ID 57, ID 36, ID 37, ID 42, ID 35

12h30-14h00 Lunch
14h00-15h00 Keynote 4(Room: A )
15h00-15h30 Posters Session III (ID 79, ID 69, ID 78, ID 61) / Break

S-VII (Room: A)

ID 52, ID 56, ID 58, ID 73, ID 66

S-VIII (Room: B)

ID 55, ID 65, ID 32, ID 13, ID 21

  Friday: June 03, 2016
08h00 -09h00  Registration

S-IX (Room: A)

ID 19, ID 81, ID 53, ID 09, ID 06

S-X (Room: B)

ID 08, ID 14, ID 49, ID 51, ID 54

11h00-11h30 Posters Session IV (ID 30, ID 75, ID 31, ID 71) / Break
11h30-12h00 Closing Ceremony
12h00-14h00 Lunch

Keynotes Speakers

Keynote 1

« Robust watermarking for print-scan attack: Application to improve the security of official documents »

Rachid Harba, Orleans University, France.

Wednesday : June 01, 2016


Keynote 2

« Bio-inspired Approaches for Engineering Adaptive Systems »

Mohamed Bakhouya, International University of Rabat, Morocco.

Wednesday : June 01, 2016


Keynote 3

« Multidimensional Characterization of Porous Media: Application to the Bone Tissue »

Rachid Jennane, University of Orleans, France.

Thursday : June 02, 2016


Keynote 4

« Statistical Analysis and Simulations of Functional Measures in MedicalStudies »

Chafik Samir, University of Clermont Auvergne, France.

Thursday : June 02, 2016


Presentations Instructions


Oral Presentations: General Instructions

  • Computers on-site will be PC´s. Presentations should be in Microsoft PowerPoint (PPT), windows based environment. Macintosh users who want to submit presentations must export their presentation as a MS PowerPoint file or save as pdf file.
  • File format: On-site organizers operating systems will include Microsoft Office 2013 and Windows 7.
  • The following file formats are supported: *.ppt *.pps *.pptx *.ppsx *.pdf.
  • Name your presentation accordingly: "Date of presentation (YY/MM/DD) _Familyname_submissionnumber" For example: "160601_FAKHRI_70"
  • Note the day and time of your oral session presentation.
  • Presentation must be prepared in English.
  • The duration of a presentation slot is 25 minutes. You will have 20 minutes for the presentation itself and 5 minutes for questions from the audience.
  • Bring with you a copy of your presentation on a USB flash drive to the Speaker Preview Room to be uploaded onto the computer provided for presentation.
  • Speakers should arrive in their session room 15 minutes before the start of their presentation to report to the chair person.


 Poster Presentation: General Instructions

  • Poster size: A0, portrait format
  • The posters must be written in English.
  • Each poster board has been allocated a number. The posters must be placed on the panels, following the numbering indicated on the panels.
  • Materials to attach the posters to the panels will be available at the conference office.
  • Each author must make himself available at the times of the poster presentations.
  • At the end of the second poster session, the author(s) must remove their poster from the panel. The Organizing Committee will not send/keep any posters that have left at the conference venue.

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