Keynote 3 : Multidimensional Characterization of Porous Media: Application to the Bone Tissue

Prof. Rachid Jennane,
University of Orleans, France
I3MTO Laboratory


Characterization of a 3D porous media using image processing is a challenging and interesting task that can be achieved statistically (model based) or deterministically (segmentation, classification, etc.). This presentation concerns the characterization of multidimensional tissues or porous media such as the bone tissue. The presentation will focus on the use of stochastic models such as the fractional Brownian motion to characterize such tissues from 2D projections or even from extracted 1D signals.

Tools based on the skeleton to describe the geometry of a complex porous media will be also presented.

The presentation will also cover an introduction to approaches based on finite elements to access virtually the rigidity of porous media under mechanical compressions.

About the Speaker:

Jennane rachid

Rachid Jennane is a full Professor of image processing at the University of Orleans (France) where he is affiliated to the I3MTO Laboratory. He received the Ph. D. degree in electrical engineering from the University of Orleans (France). His Ph. D. concerned fractal modelling of textures with an application to bone microarchitecture analysis. He has been the principle investigator of several research projects in the image & signal processing areas. He supervised more than 20 PhD and Master Students in the area of signal & image processing. His current research interests include the processing of 2D/3D/nD medical images. Especially, porous media and textured images. Since 2006, he receives an annual grant of excellence research from the French Government. He co-authored numerous original journal and proceeding articles. Pr. Jennane also spent the academic year 1998 as a visiting professor at the Electrical Engineering Department of the University of Rhode Island (USA). He is a reviewer for major conferences and journals in the field of image analysis and pattern recognition (Mathematical Reviews, Medical Physics, IEEE-TIP, IEEE-TMI, etc.). In 2015, he chaired and organized the international IEEE-IPTA Conference ( In 2014, he organized in Beijing (China) the TCB-Challenge with the support of the International Society for Biomedical Imaging (IEEE-ISBI) (

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