The first edition of the Virtual Master in Microfinance, Human Rights and Development Cooperation as a specific Degree of the University of Cádiz (UCA) in collaboration with the Hungarian Business Agency Féjer (FEA), which is managed through the University Business Foundation of the Province of Cádiz (FUECA). In the following link you can find the promotional video :  promotional video link

The postgraduate course will begin on January 9 and will be avalaible simultaneously in Spanish and English. It is an innovative master’s degree, focused on the acquisition of knowledge and development of skills on microcredit in impoverished contexts, Human Rights and Development Cooperation.

The Master’s degree has a modular structure with open enrollment throughout the year that aims to integrate and interrelate these three areas of knowledge. It is also a international, virtual and flexible programme of studies, which allows adapting to the economic and time possibilities of the people interested in enrolling in any of the offered studies:

  • MASTER IN MICROFINANCE, HUMAN RIGHTS AND COOPERATION TO DEVELOPMENT (3 expert courses or modules). More information through the following link: Link
  • EXPERT IN MICROFINANCE (3 courses or submodules). More information through the following link: Link
  • EXPERT IN HUMAN RIGHTS (3 courses or submodules). More information through the following link: Link
  • EXPERT IN DEVELOPMENT COOPERATION (3 courses or submodules). More information through the following: Link

In enclose the information leaflets and the academic memory of the Master’s degree in order to spread among concerned groups (students, researches, experts, sector professionals, NGOs partners, public institutions, volunteers, aid workers in the field of development and public at large).

 Those interested in participating can follow us through Facebook: https://www. ( uca or write us to the emails: master.microfinanzas@u formació

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